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Expertly made for over 50 years

About Us

About Us

Welcome to Cathedral City, the UK’s favourite cheddar cheese.

Great Britain is famous for many things...Kings and Queens, medieval castles, Shakespeare…but most importantly, it’s the birthplace of cheddar cheese! And when it comes to cheddar, the UK’s favourite by far is Cathedral City.

And it’s easy to see why the Brits love it so much. With over 50 years of cheese-making expertise, Cathedral City consistently delivers on superior taste and high quality.

It’s made at our multi-award winning Creamery in the county of Cornwall in the South West of England using 100% British milk from dedicated local farms. The location provides the ideal climate for our cows to graze, producing the rich, creamy milk that’s at the heart of our cheddar cheese. And the way we mature our cheese ensures the unique and much-loved taste for all to enjoy.  

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Our cheddar makes for the perfect cheeseboard with a classic British touch. Or maybe you want to make the ultimate mac & cheese. Or perhaps a lunchtime sandwich that’s just a little bit special. From Mild to Vintage, there’s a flavour for everyone to savour.

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Mild 200 g

A deliciously mild and creamy cheddar; perfect for breakfast

Matured for 4 months


Mature 200 g

A wonderfully smooth, versatile cheddar; rich, creamy, buttery and mellow

Matured for 9 months

Extra Mature

Extra Mature 200 g

A delightfully firm, flinty cheddar; rich yet creamy with a beautifully rounded flavour

Matured for 14 months


Vintage 200 g

A beautifully balanced, full-bodied cheddar with a distinctive crunch and long-lasting finish

Matured for 20 months